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To view tax information for a parcel:

  1. Select Search by Address or Search by Parcel ID Number.
  2. Select the tax season that you want to search.
  3. Enter the address or Parcel ID number for that parcel in the appropriate search field.
  4. Click on Search to display tax information for that parcel.

Waterford Township provides basic tax information for parcels located in the Township. The tax information displayed includes:

  • Property Address and Mailing Information
  • Taxable Value
  • Total Property Taxes
  • All Special Assessments (where applicable)


This tax information is for information purposes only and does not reflect any payments or revisions. More information on Waterford taxes is available.


FOR PAYMENT STATUS OF TAX, contact the Oakland County tax hot line at 1-888-600-3773.


Tax information is available for the following seasons:

  • July and December 2016
  • July and December 2015
  • July and December 2014
  • July and December 2013
  • July and December 2012
  • July and December 2011
  • July and December 2010
  • July and December 2009
  • July and December 2008
  • July and December 2007
  • July and December 2006
  • July and December 2005
  • July and December 2004
  • July and December 2003
  • December 2002


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